By Behold Israel, Sep 2, 2019

PM Netanyahu renews his vow to annex Israeli settlements in the West Bank; Netanyahu: With God’s help we will extend Jewish sovereignty to all the settlements as part of the biblical Land of Israel, as part of the State of Israel; Rdainah: Netanyahu’s decision is a continuation of attempts to create an unacceptable fait accompli that will not lead to any peace, security or stability.

In speaking at a ceremony for the first day of school, PM Netanyahu addressed many realities that the people of Israel are currently dealing with. Along with this, he also renewed his vow to annex Israeli homes in the West Bank, or Judea & Samaria. This is a promise he made some time ago during his campaign that he is now getting closer to materializing, though he has made no guarantee as to when.

Of course, when his words became public knowledge, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned his agenda stating that this is a “continuation of attempts to create an unacceptable fait accompli that will not lead to any peace, security or stability”. Meanwhile, a Palestinian of high authority called to impose sanctions against the Jewish state. Netanyahu additionally stated, “This is our land…We will build another Elkana and another Elkana and another Elkana. We will not uproot anyone here”.

Something that may very well impact this process is President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” that is waiting to be unveiled in its completion after the Israeli election on September 17. President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in moving the embassy there, he has recognized their right to the Golan, and he continues to be Israel’s strongest friend in the west.

At this time, one major detail about the plan that has been leaked is that it’s not likely going include a two-state solution any longer (it has never worked). Additionally, this plan is said to propose the relocation of the Palestinians and provide them a massive $50 billion economic boost. Earlier this year, the Palestinians immediately rejected the plan and boycotted the Bahrain summit.

Whose Land is it Anyway?

Israel has long claimed their biblical & historical right to the land-and they’re not wrong. Evidence is found week after week, month after month, showing the rich Jewish history of the land. Artifacts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient synagogues, countless biblical sites, economic and political items; all of these more than make their case for the land. You take care of what you care about. If you’ve ever been to Israel, you’ve witnessed how the Jewish people care for the land where they reside, but when you enter an area where Jews are the minority or non-existent, the same cannot be said. More than all of this, the God of Israel declares they’re divine right to the land. It’s His land and He’s sovereignly given it to the Jewish people.

“For I will take you from the nations, gather you from all the lands and bring you into your own land.”
Ezekiel 36:24

“Truth springs from the earth, and righteousness looks down from heaven.”
Psalm 85:11