The Russian military continues to use the Shahed-136 in its offensive in Ukraine; Early reports suggest that no casualties occurred in the most recent attacks on Thursday; Israel is reportedly providing intel to Ukraine regarding the drones.

The Shahed-136, an Iranian-made suicide drone, continues to be used in the hands of the Russian military in its invasion of Ukraine – though Russian President Vladimir Putin maintains his narrative of his offensive being nothing more than a “military operation.” On Thursday, the Russians targeted the small town of Makariv, situated just west of Kyiv.

While initial reports indicate no casualties, significant structural damage in the area is reported. As first reported by Reuters, according to the head of the Kyiv region police, Andriy Nebtov, “There was a overnight drones bombardment by invaders on the Makariv community.”

According to at least one senior Ukrainian official, Israel is supplying Ukraine with intelligence regarding the Iranian-made Shahed-136 being utilized by Russia. Furthermore, according to an anonymous source, Ukraine is benefiting from satellite images via a private Israeli security organization. The photos reveal the movement of Russian troops.