The Israeli Air Force (IAF) hit targets inside of Syria overnight on Thursday, marking the third such attack in the last week; Multiple casualties are reported; The strikes have targeted recent Iranian weapon shipments arriving in Damascus.

Overnight on Thursday, the IAF hit multiple military targets in and around Syria’s capital city of Damascus, marking Israel’s third strike inside the war-torn country in the last seven days. Israeli strikes inside Syria have been a common recurrence over the last few years amid Iran’s attempt to establish itself throughout the country north of Israel’s border.

The attacks over the last week have been in response to the recent arrival of Iranian weapons in Damascus. According to at least one recent report, Iran – the world’s number one sponsor of terror – sent shipments of weapons masqueraded as aid. Ultimately, the weapons were en route to one of Iran’s terror proxies in the region, Hezbollah.

Monday witnessed a rare daytime strike in Syria, which targeted multiple military sites, one of which was the Fourth Armored Division belonging to the Syrian military. This location is reported to act as a middleman to facilitate the shifting of weapons from Iran to Lebanon and Syria.

Thursday’s attack produced four fatalities. Three of those belonged to Hezbollah, while the fourth was a soldier from the Syrian military. Moreover, Israel hit multiple weapons depots in the process, as well as an Iranian missile production facility.