According to recent reports, 14 foreign citizens have been detained inside the Islamic Republic amid several weeks of protests throughout the country.

As protests throughout Iran continue to take place, reports surfaced this week, revealing that 14 foreigners have been arrested up to this point. The Fars news agency revealed that the foreigners are from several countries, including the US, Russia, Austria, France, the United Kingdom, and Afghanistan, which is where the majority of them came from.

While the protests initially targeted the ever-growing corruption in the government – which has led to a crippled economy – the unrest has continued to grow following the murder of a young lady who died after being beaten relentlessly by Iranian security forces. It is not uncommon for the security forces to respond with drastic measures during protests.

Tragically, several civilians have been killed throughout the process. According to one source, at least 215 people have died as a result of the government’s intervention in the protests.