Following the United Arab Emirates (UAE) normalization of ties with the Jewish State, the Trump administration is set to sell them dozens of F-35 jets despite likely opposition from lawmakers.

In the aftermath of the UAE normalizing its ties with Israel, the White House is moving forward with its plans to sell up to 50 Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets to the small Gulf State. However, the decision to do so is likely to be confronted with opposition from Congress, as multiple members have voiced their concern regarding the provision of these jets to the UAE, primarily because they believe it jeopardizes Israel’s longstanding military advantage in the region.

It was US Representative Eliot Engel who notified the public on Thursday that the Trump administration had notified Congress of its plans. During his statement, he said, “The export of this aircraft requires very careful consideration and Congress must analyze all the ramifications. Rushing these sales is not in anyone’s interest.”

It must be taken into account that the UAE has acquired an even larger threat throughout this peace process, and that’s Iran. Not only is Israel now a friend, but both of the countries face the ever-increasing aggression from the Islamic Republic accompanied by its nuclear agenda. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said himself that “We all face a common threat,” hinting at Iran.

The UAE and US are hoping to have an agreement letter prior to UAE National Day, which is December 2nd.