Following Thursday’s attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, amid the evacuation of several civilians and military personnel, the death toll has increased significantly, and more attacks are expected to occur.

At least two acts of terror occurred on Thursday in Kabul, Afghanistan, via an ISIS proxy known as ISIS-K, which initially resulted in the deaths of more than 60 people, including 13 US military members. The two attacks occurred within a short time, one at the Kabul Airport, while the other took place at the hotel designated for evacuation preparation.

As of Friday, the death toll has reached over 170, while the number injured is reported to be over 200. Thursday’s attacks took place after western officials warned of immediate threats. On Friday, the Pentagon warned that legitimate threats still exist. An official stated, “We still believe there are credible threats… specific, credible threats. We certainly are prepared and would expect future attempts, absolutely.”

The White House intends to finish its evacuation from Afghanistan by the end of the month.