The US approved a sale worth hundreds of millions of dollars in an attempt to provide the Saudi kingdom with a refreshed supply of defense against Iran and its proxies; The Kingdom is not to use the missiles for any ground-related threat.

As Iranian aggression continues to expand in the form of the Islamic Republic’s proxies throughout the Middle East, the United States has approved the sale of enhanced missiles to Saudi Arabia in order to increase its defense, especially in regards to the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The US approved a $650 million sale of air-to-air missiles to Saudi Arabia this week, paving the way for the Kingdom to purchase up to 280 AIM-120C advanced mid-range missiles in order for the Saudis to replace their dwindling supply. That being said, as part of the sale, the Kingdom agreed that the missiles would not be used for any ground-related threat.

In recent months, as the Houthis have continued their offensive, the Saudi Kingdom has been confronted with a number of projectile attacks, whether by suicide drones, rockets, or missiles.