Iranian-backed proxy fighters and US forces continue to exchange fire in Syria following rocket attacks on US military bases; Israel hits targets inside of Syria simultaneously; Kahl: The United States will not hesitate to defend itself against Iranian and Iran-backed aggression when it occurs.

Over the last 48 hours, US forces responded to rocket attacks carried out by Iranian-backed fighters in Eastern Syria. While the series of rocket attacks from Iran’s proxy fighters targeting US forces has a long history, the militias successfully struck a US base on Wednesday, wounding at least three US service members. Since then, exchanges of fire have only increased, resulting in the deaths of multiple Iranian-sponsored fighters.

Multiple sites housing US military personnel were targeted on Wednesday. US President Joe Biden reportedly ordered the attacks on Wednesday and Thursday. The US response came in several waves, at least one of which included attack helicopters, which destroyed several proxy vehicles and rocket launchers.

Coinciding with the exchanges between the US and fighters affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Israel carried out a high-level attack on more Iranian-funded targets inside of Syria. This attack focused on the area of Al Masayaf, striking several targets, including a Hezbollah weapon storage facility and a tunnel where IRGC-backed militias were taking shelter.