A military intelligence brigade belonging to the United States received intel on Sunday of an imminent attack on US forces in Germany; The attack was expected to be carried out by a Jordanian extremist.

On Sunday, the United States received intelligence of an imminent attack on US forces stationed inside of Germany. A senior US intelligence official is said to have released the information.

The intelligence that was received is being characterized as ‘third-party’ and it is believed that this attack is or was going to be carried out by a Jordanian extremist living in Germany, close to a US military base. The report stated that “The unknown Jordanian was described as a loyalist to the Jordanian kinglet and recently advocated killing US soldiers in Germany.” While the initial reports may be considered “unreliable” or preliminary, US forces are still taking it seriously.

The US Army Europe released to the public that “a potential threat was identified and investigated last night.”, and while they don’t believe there continues to be any imminent threat, the statement stated, “We’d like to remind everyone to stay vigilant and be aware of their surroundings.”