Officials from both countries discussed the matter in September when the Saudis allegedly expressed desire to closer their ties with the Jewish State; The Saudi Kingdom presented requirements that would need to be addressed in order to expedite the process.

In September, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, during a meeting with Saudi officials in the Kingdom city of Neom, is reported to have tabled the possibility of Saudi Arabia’s willingness to normalize its diplomatic ties with Israel.

Saudi Arabia and Israel have subtly cooperated behind the scenes for years, but the Kingdom has remained very tentative for the sake of its relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to recent reports, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did not reject the proposal and even expressed interest on behalf of the Saudi Kingdom on the condition of several requirements that would need to be met. As noted by The Times of Israel, one of those requirements includes closer ties between the Saudi Kingdom and the US.

Another longstanding requirement of Riyadh when it comes to normalizing ties with the Jewish State is an established Palestinian State based on the pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital – a requirement that is perhaps one of the biggest hindrances in the process.

Should the stars align for the Saudi Kingdom to join the Abraham Accords in the future, it would join the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco. Furthermore, it’s believed that several other countries in the region would follow.