Nathan Sales, a senior US Counter-Terrorism State Department official, has accused the Iranian-sponsored terror regime of storing ammonium nitrate throughout Europe; Sales: Hezbollah is one organization. It is a terrorist organization.

Accusing the Iranian-backed terror regime of Hezbollah, senior counter-terrorism official Nathan Sales made claims that they’re storing ammonium nitrate in a significant number of places throughout Europe. Ammonium nitrate can be and has been used to numerous times to create explosives. And most recently, the substance was involved in the massive explosion in the Port of Beirut, Lebanon.

According to Sales, the terror group is stashing the nitrate in Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and perhaps even other places – and has been for some time. And following their pattern in the Middle East, Sales said, “Why would Hezbollah stockpile ammonium nitrate on European soil? The answer is clear: Hezbollah put these weapons in place so it could conduct major terrorist attacks whenever it or its masters in Tehran deem necessary.”

Several countries have banned Hezbollah after designating the group as a terrorist entity while many others have failed to do so. Furthermore, some countries have only designated Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist group, but not the political. And concerning such a decision, Sales added that Hezbollah is a “unitary organization that cannot be subdivided into a military and so-called political wing… Hezbollah is one organization. It is a terrorist organization.”

Most recently, France failed to label the entity as a terrorist organization.