Adnan al-Zurfi presents his government agenda to parliament on Saturday; Several protestors were present; The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to delay the approval of his new government.

Iraqi PM-designate Adnan al-Zurfi has succeeded in forming a new government and presented his agenda to Parliament on Saturday, despite being met with a multitude of anti-government protestors. The deadline for Zurfi to submit his new government for approval is April 16th. While he has done so, it’s unclear as to when Parliament will be able to convene due to the current global pandemic of COVID-19.

Zurfi, in some ways, is a bit of an anomaly to Iraqi politics. Not only is he backed by the United States, but he is not well-liked by several of his own nationals. Some accuse him of being a “candidate of the CIA” according to one report. Those behind this accusation are eight pro-Iranian Shi’ite political parties who are also responsible for threatening US forces in Iraq.

If Parliament should approve of his new government, this would be a major setback for Iran and their proxies in the region who remain hellbent on spreading their arms of terror throughout the Middle East and surrounding the Jewish State. Hence, the oppositions from the pro-Iranian parties in Parliament.

His success in forming a government is found in the fact that while he’s facing oppositions from multiple Shi’ite parties, he’s garnered heavy support from Sunni and Kurdish parties, as well as some Shi’ite Parliament members. It is believed that his economic focus also helped boost him to the top. Iraq is facing an economy that is deeply struggling, and with the growing COVID-19 crisis, the long-term outlook is not hopeful.