‘The Steadfast Brotherhood 2021’ military drill surfaced as a result of growing Iranian aggression near the border with Azerbaijan; The drill began on Tuesday and will conclude on Friday.

Following Tehran’s decision to supply troops in close proximity to the Islamic Republic’s border with Azerbaijan, the Turkish military committed to a military drill dubbed ‘The Steadfast Brotherhood 2021’, which will be conducted alongside Azerbaijani forces from Tuesday to Friday.

Turkish Ministry of National Defense Spokeswoman Major Pinar Kara stated, “The Steadfast Brotherhood-2021 drill will take place with the participation of Turkey and Azerbaijan in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan, between 5-8 October.”

Nearly one week ago, Iran moved a number of troops to its border with Azerbaijan. The decision was intended to put its neighbor on notice for its friendliness towards some of Tehran’s greatest enemies. Namely, Israel and the western world. Since arriving, the Islamic Republic of Iran Army (AJA) has conducted multiple wartime drills in a show of force.

According to reports, Tehran recently discovered that Azerbaijan was being used as an alleged launchpad for Israeli military operations.