The United Arab Emirates is set to allow Israeli passport holders to enter the country beginning with the Dubai 2020 Expo; There is talk of continuing to allow Israeli passport holders after the expo, as well; Israel to have a pavilion in the expo; Khater: I believe, God willing, they will come to visit also after the exhibition.

As of the beginning of the 2020 Dubai Expo, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will allow Israeli passport holders to enter the country. Currently, Israelis can enter the UAE if they have a separate foreign passport or a special entry permit accompanied by Israeli travel papers. Additionally, Israelis will have their own pavilion at the expo

Assistant Director for Tourism Development Mohamed Khater has confirmed that they will now be granted access. Not only will they be granted access to this event, but reports indicate that the door for future visitation will be left open beyond the timeline of the expo. Khater has stated,

“I believe, God willing, they will come to visit also after the exhibition…Already now hundreds of Israelis trickle into the country and we will be glad to host all of them.”

An additional report from a source at the expo has them saying that the expo will serve as “the pilot, during which Israeli tourists will be permitted to visit the country. But also, after the exhibition is closed, the Emirate rulers will leave the country’s gates open to Israeli tourists.” The UAE is not only welcoming Israeli tourists, but is encouraging that Israeli entrepreneurs come to visit as well.

The Expo will begin on October 20, 2020, and run through April 20, 2021. It is a significant event for the Arabs, who desire to make it a top-level international event. This expo is known for its shopping malls that are second to none, and other top-tier resorts.

When Israel was invited to take part in the 2020 expo earlier this year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu further applauded Israel’s rising status in not only the Middle East, but also the world.