A recent report conducted by the United Nations has left growing speculation that the Houthi Rebels in Yemen are, in fact, responsible for the unprecedented attack at the Aden International Airport back in December that left more than 20 dead.

Back on December 30, 2020, an attack took place at the Aden International Airport in Yemen that left more than 20 people dead. The attack targeted not only civilians, but also Yemeni government officials. The speculation at the time led to a consensus that the Iranian-sponsored Houthi Rebels carried out the attack, which is now further verified according to the most recent report by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

As noted above, the deadly attack killed more than 20 people and injured over 100. Amongst those killed was Yemen’s deputy minister of public works. Within the report, it was revealed that the weaponry used in the attack last year is very similar to that currently in the Houthi arsenal.

The UNSC report said, “Three explosions occurred… minutes after a plane carrying Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed, members of his ‘unity’ cabinet and other senior government officials had landed… The airport was hit by three precision-guided, short-distance, surface-to-surface ballistic missiles carrying fragmentation warheads, likely an extended-range version of the Badr-1P missile, which has been part of the Houthi arsenal since 2018.”

Furthermore, the attack was carried out from location(s) that were and are under Houthi control. The Houthis have rejected the report.