Since the two countries normalized their diplomatic ties (and technically before), they’ve partnered in several ways – especially technology sharing.

The head of the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Muhammad Al-Kuwaiti, praised the help of the Jewish State this week regarding its intelligence input. Israeli intelligence sharing has paved the way for the UAE to deter several online hacking attempts.

In an interview concerning the ever-improving relationship between the two countries, especially concerning cyber security, Al-Kuwaiti stated that “it has been really a positive and added value to many sectors and aspects.” Furthermore, he stated, “It’s a plus… that will help us on many collaborations and with digital transformation. Israel is very well known for technology… and cyber security… In less than a month, many of the emergency response teams are sharing information.”

Additionally, Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD) Chief Yigal Unna stated, “We are threatened by the same threats, maybe even a little more than the rest of the world because of the nature of the region because of the new relationship and because of who we are – strong economically and technologically… The UAE has a lot to offer to Israel and Israel has a lot to offer the UAE.”

Prior to the normalization of diplomatic ties between Israel and the UAE, the two countries had already been working together in a number of ways. More recently, the two consulted one another regarding strategies for combating COVID-19. Additionally, their students continue to partner online to learn about app development.