The Turkish military is gaining traction in Libya as their intent to fight their way east grows; Tens of thousands of soldiers from the Middle East have been deployed to advance the Turkish agenda.

As Turkey prepares to push east in Libya, backing the UN-appointed Government of National Accord (GNA), their presence is growing at an alarming rate and has triggered a military domino effect throughout the region. As Turkey’s military prepares to push east for the city of Sirte and the oil resources that lie therein, both opposition forces in Libya and now the Egyptian military are preparing for a confrontation.

Egypt recently demanded that Turkey leave the region. However, Turkey’s military presence has only increased. In recent time, Turkish military cargo planes have been routinely spotted landing at the al-Watiya air base near Tripoli, delivering additional soldiers and a host of weaponry. At this time. It’s estimated that Turkey has deployed nearly 20,000 mercenaries from the Middle East to fight its cause.

Adding to this, Turkey has also made use of Qatari funds to employ Somali soldiers in its war. Qatar has several military bases in the region where they train Somali fighters.

Most assuredly, the consistent arrival of Turkish resources can only mean one thing – they have no intention of shying away from their cause.

This isn’t the only region where Erdogan’s regime is spreading its influence. Turkey is now becoming invested in Azerbaijan in order to “help” them in their conflict with Armenia.