As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, the Turkish president is hosting mediation talks in Istanbul this week; Erdogan: It’s up to the two parties to put an end to this tragedy.

In hopes of bringing about a conclusion to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is hosting mediation talks in Istanbul this week with delegates from both countries. The conflict began on Thursday, February 24th, when Russia officially started its offensive against Ukraine, invading the country from multiple locations.

As reported by The Times of Israel, the Turkish President said, “We believe that there will be no losers in a just peace. Prolonging the conflict is not in anyone’s interest. As members of the delegations, you have taken on a historic responsibility. The whole world is awaiting the good news that will come from you.”

Erdogan cited that both parties have valid concerns that can be addressed but that it will take both sides to bring an end to the war. He said, “The two parties have legitimate concerns. It’s possible to reach a solution acceptable to the international community. It’s up to the two parties to put an end to this tragedy.”

Turkey, which holds its relationship with Russia in high regard, will host the discussions for two days.

Before the onset of the conflict, the international community expected the capital city of Kyiv to be overthrown in under 48 hours – a feat that has not taken place as of yet more than a month into the invasion. Thousands of soldiers from both sides have been killed so far, and thousands more have been injured. Tragically, one source reports that close to 1,000 civilian casualties have taken place.

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