Turkey has over 60,000 cases of COVID-19 despite their attempts to cover it up; The government implemented a two-day curfew over the weekend; Turkey is set to release thousands of prisoners in an additional attempt to stop the spread.

After giving their best attempt to downplay the effects of the coronavirus throughout the country, it has now been revealed that Turkey is facing over 60,000 cases of the virus, leading them to take several measures in their attempt to slow down what they didn’t combat early on. Not long ago, the country hailed its preemptive actions as the reason for their success. Exceeding 60,000, Tukey is now only second to Iran in COVID-19 cases.

With approximately 1,300 having already died from the virus, Turkey’s case number rose from around 15,000 to over 61,000 from April 1 – April 14. While they’re still trailing Iran, they’re on pace to pass them this week. Worldometers puts Iran at nearly 75,000 cases and over 4,600 deaths; a number which remains highly suspect.

As of Tuesday, Turkey’s government passed a law that will release tens of thousands (approx. 45,000) of prisoners in an attempt to decline the spread. This bill, allowing prisoners to be released, was approved 279 – 51 in the Turkish parliament. It is reported that this law will only remain in place until the end of May and will be accompanied by judicial accountability. That being said, 45,000 is an awfully high number to keep tabs on.