Turkey has now detained a large number of individuals who’ve criticized Erdogan’s invasion of Syria; Reports indicate that 24 have been officially placed under arrest; a large number of these arrests are critics via social media; Accusation: provoking the public to hatred and animosity…and carrying out propaganda for a terrorist organization.

Following Turkish President Erdogan’s invasion of Syria, the Turkish government is now arresting their own citizens who are criticizing the invasion, primarily via social media. Since the beginning of Operation ‘Spring of Peace’, Turkey has been tightening the ropes on critics, investigating hundreds of people, even Kurdish lawmakers who oppose the operation.

Of the hundreds arrested up to this point, 24 individuals have now been formally arrested for what Ankara (the capital) is calling, “provoking the public to hatred and animosity…carrying out propaganda for a terrorist organization”. This isn’t the first time Turkey has responded to critics in such a manner, as they made arrests of individuals in 2018 for criticizing military action inside of Syria.

Furthermore, Turkey isn’t the only place on the planet where one might face serious consequences for simply speaking their mind. The chaos surrounding freedom of speech in the world will only get worse as the world continues down the prophetic timeline.