President called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his victory; Leaders discuss Iran and bilateral ties; “Deal of the Century” to be published following government formation; Gov. DeSantis to lead Israel trade mission in May 2019.

United States President Donald Trump officially congratulated Prime Minister Netanyahu on his win, the leaders holding a phone conversation on the elections, regional threats and bilateral ties on Wednesday. The Office of the Prime Minister confirmed on Thursday morning, “US President Donald Trump called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today from Air Force One to congratulate him on his election victory. The President warmly congratulated the Prime Minister and the people of Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked US President Trump for his great support of Israel, including the recognition of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, as well as for the strong stand against the Iranian regime, including the President’s recent decision against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.”

It added, “The two leaders again expressed their appreciation for the abiding friendship between them and their countries. They agreed to continue closely working together in the coming years for both Israel and the United States.”

The United States recently recognized Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. It is the first country to designate an entire foreign government entity as terrorist. US sanctions have crippled Iran’s economy, Iran accusing Israel and the United States of “economic war” on the Islamic Republic.

President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” will reportedly be published only after Prime Minister Netanyahu forms a coalition government, according to White House sources on Wednesday. The government could take anywhere from one week to a month and a half to form following President Rivlin’s authorization set for next week.

In yet another sign of the strong and growing ties between Israel and the United States, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced he would head a trade mission to Israel in May of this year. The governor confirmed on Wednesday, “I promised to be the most pro-Israel governor in America and that the first delegation I would lead would be to the State of Israel…Our delegation will bring business, academic and political leaders to help strengthen the bond between Florida and Israel.”

Photo: Evan El-Amin/