The Sea of Galilee rises an additional 2.3 inches over the weekend; Should it reach the upper red line, they will open the Degania Dam, sending water to the Jordan River.

After experiencing one of the best winters in many years, Israel added another rainy weekend to their calendar which increased the water level of the Sea of Galilee by 6 centimeters (2.3 inches). One report indicates that northern Israel experienced approximately 50 millimeters of rain over the last 48 hours.

With the water level continuing to rise like it is, the Sea of Galilee is expected to reach maximum capacity for the first time in nearly three decades (28 years – circa 1992). Should this happen, Israel will likely open the Degania Dam to send water in the direction of the Jordan River.

While northern Israel received abundant rainfall over the weekend, every area of the Jewish State has already surpassed their annual average for the season. The rain was so consistent that in the month of January alone, the Sea of Galilee increased by 3.1 meters (over 10 feet).

In order for the Sea to reach its maximum level, it will need to increase by another 21 centimeters.