One explosion occurred at a power plant in Central Iran on Sunday; No casualties are currently reported; An additional fire began at a factory in northwestern Iran as well.

On Sunday, two more incidents occurred in Iran that are likely related to the ongoing series of events that have been disrupting the Islamic Republic for several weeks straight. The town of Sheikh Hassan, located in northwestern Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province, experienced a fire at a local cellophane printing factory, while the city of Islamabad in the central Isfahan Province witnessed an explosion and fire at a power plant.

Local witnesses could see a large, dark cloud of smoke rising from the fire that took place at the cellophane factory in the northwestern portion of the country. And as for Islamabad, the managing director of the Province’s electricity company credited the fire at the power plant in the Isfahan Province to a worn-out transformer. He also reported that the facility was able to resume all operations after a period of about two hours and that “the damaged equipment is also being repaired and replaced.”

Initial reports indicate that no casualties took place at either of the two incidents.

For most, if not all of these events, the source remains unknown as to who is responsible. At this point, the question most people are likely asking themselves is, “What is going to happen tomorrow?”