In the Bible, the sounding of a trumpet often indicated that something important was about to happen – change was going to come or movement was about to take place. For those of us who are in Christ’s church, we eagerly await the sounding of one particular trumpet, the Last Trumpet, which will bring an incredible change, translating us from corruptible to incorruptible. But what exactly is this great event? Is it related to the Feast of Trumpets or the tribulation judgments, or is it something completely different? In his new teaching, The Last Trumpet, Amir Tsarfati eliminates the confusion surrounding this momentous occurrence by taking a practical who, what, when, and why approach in order to discover what it is the Bible says about the sounding of this horn. Throughout, Amir also reminds the believer of how joyous it will be when we hear this final trumpet sounding – a glorious moment that by all indications is coming very soon.