Amid concerns of an enemy attack on any given nuclear site inside of Iran, the regime conducted an alleged air defense test at the Bushehr nuclear plant early this week; Iranian official warns of devastating response should the Jewish State attack any sites.

Following reports of loud sounds near the Islamic Republic’s Bushehr nuclear plant on Monday, officials claimed that the noises were connected to air defense drills. According to a report by The Jerusalem Post, the deputy governor of Bushehr further validated to the public that a military test took place in the early hours of the day.

Deputy Governor Mohammad-Taqi Irani reported, “This exercise took place at 5 a.m. local time with full preparation and coordination with the armed forces.”

It is believed that the regime facilitated the test in preparation for future enemy strikes on Iran’s nuclear program, mainly because multiple countries, as of recently, have been considering a military response should nuclear talks in Vienna fail. The two primary countries are Israel and the United States.

One senior commander for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) issued a warning should Israel attack an Iranian nuclear site. He said, “If Israel carries out attacks against Iran, our armed forces will immediately attack all centres, bases, routes, and spaces used to carry out the aggression.”

An unexpected blast was reported near the Natanz nuclear facility just weeks ago, leaving behind a significant amount of speculation. Following the event, Tehran disabled the internet throughout the country.