Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar vowed on Saturday that the next conflict between the Jewish state and Hamas would “change the face of the Middle East”; His comments came just weeks after the ceasefire was implemented between Hamas and Israel, concluding a nearly two-week conflict.

“First, we proved to the enemy that we are capable of protecting and defending al-Aqsa Mosque and that we are ready to pay a heavy price. The uprising of our people in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the 1948 lands (Israel) put pressure on the enemy more than the rockets of the resistance,” said Yahya Sinwar, the leader of the Iranian-funded terror group known as Hamas.

His comments came on Saturday just weeks after the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was instituted. The conflict was initiated by Hamas when it fired several rockets towards Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem, earlier in May. In total, the terror proxy fired over 4,300 rockets, with well over 600 landing in Gaza, killing several people.

Sinwar even claimed that the conflict was minor in scope and that the next battle would “change the face of the Middle East.” He also stated that his fighters “humiliated Tel Aviv.”

One of the major catastrophes Hamas experienced was the significant damage dealt to its terror tunnel system, which Israel targeted relentlessly throughout the conflict. However, the leader claimed that very little damage was done.

Sinwar could be seen on live television just days ago holding a child no more than 10 years of age clothed in a Hamas uniform and wielding a semi-automatic rifle being pointed recklessly in the direction of those in the audience. His comments following the ceasefire reveal that Hamas has no intention of remaining silent militarily for long.

His words of provocation come just days after the announcement of Israel’s pending new government.