A threat was issued by western officials concerning pending terror attacks inside of Afghanistan before Thursday’s events took place; It is believed one of the terrorist organization’s proxy groups is behind at least one of the attacks; A dozen US soldiers were killed in the events.

Amid a series of terror attacks in and around Kabul, Afghanistan, approximately 150 people have been left injured on Thursday, while dozens have been killed. Victims of these attacks represent many nationalities, including Afghan, American, British, and more – some of whom are military service members. US CENTCOM (United States Central Command) confirmed that 12 US soldiers were killed and more than a dozen were injured. It is reported that at least 60 Afghan citizens were tragically killed.

As of Thursday evening, the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) took responsibility for the attacks via its Afghan proxy, ISIS-K. While two attacks took place earlier in the evening, two explosions would follow. However, a spokesman for the Taliban claims that the two later explosions were a result of American forces destroying equipment that would otherwise be left behind.

The first explosion came where civilians were standing in nearly a foot of wastewater close to the airport. One video showed several dead lying in the water as others sought to sort through them. Thursday’s second explosion took place close to Baron hotel, where people were instructed to gather in preparation for evacuation.