An Israeli start-up company that is based out of Tel Aviv, Aurora Labs, has developed a software that causes vehicles to heal themselves while driving; Technical malfunctions are becoming far more common in modern vehicles, which makes this software all the more significant; Ordman: There should be as many self-healing systems in place as possible to enable that when inevitably something does go wrong, there are systems in place to detect and fix them and maintain uptime.

Aurora Labs, a Tel Aviv-based start-up company, has developed a software that preemptively detects actual or potential technical vehicle issues. This software, once the malfunction is detected, will then act to ‘self-heal’ the car’s software through a series of updates. Something that makes this software even more unique is that it acts remotely, and in return, the malfunction is able to be diagnosed while the car is on the road.

Their website reads, “At Aurora Labs, we envision a future where machines too will be able to adapt and evolve. A day when Self-Healing Software will be able to adapt to better fit changing architectures and be optimized for changing environments. A day when Self-Healing Software will be aware of changes in its performance and be able to determine which may lead to catastrophic results. A day when Self-Healing Software will have the tools to apply temporary fixes to keep the machine performing and functioning and the ability to perform ‘surgical’ upgrades when improved or new functionality becomes available.”

As to the logic behind their exciting development, Aurora Labs Executive Vice President of Marketing Roger Ordman stated, “The human body can detect when something is not quite right before you pass out. The auto-immune system indicates something is wrong and what can be done to fix it: raise your temperature or white blood count. Sometimes the body can do a self-fix, and sometimes that’s not enough and needs an external intervention. Our technology has the same kind of approach – detecting if something has started to go wrong before it causes a catastrophic failure, indicating exactly where that problem is, doing something to fix it, and keeping it running smoothly.”

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer (COO) Ori Lederman, in explaining the need for a technology like this as cars become increasingly advanced electronically, stated, “When we joined forces and started developing the idea, we knew our technology was applicable to any connected, smart device or Internet of Things device. The first vertical we wanted to start with is the one that needs us the most, and the biggest market.”

“The need for detecting, managing, recovering and being transparent about software is by far the largest need in the automotive industry as they move from mechanical parts to virtual systems run by lines of code.”

In addition, he would give advice to the consumer, stating, “Customers ought to start being aware of how sophisticated their cars are. When they buy a new car, they should want to ask the dealership that they have the ability to detect, fix and recover so they don’t need to go the dealership. It’s something they would want to have.”

In a world where vehicular technology is expanding at an aggressive rate, Aurora Labs is seeking to stay ahead of the game in software technology as their mission states, “To future proof the next generation of software-driven automotive features.”