Israeli Technological Institute, Technion, has developed medical glue for serious wounds; The glue is to be applied with a glue-gun and is for both internal and external use; Treating wounds will be far more painless moving forward with this technology; Professor Mizrahi: the hope is that “the product can reach the market in two or three years”.


An Israeli Technological Institute, Technion, has developed a new breed of medical glue that they believe can replace the painful process of stitches and/or other serious injuries. There are additional pros to this new glue process, in that the need for a doctor’s meticulous hands or the need to remove stitches can now be eliminated.  The glue can be applied both internally and externally, and is treated to a specific temperature, but it gets even better-this glue-gun would not only replace stitches, but also the sealant required with stitches to keep a wound from leaking.  This glue is a “two-in-one” according to the Head of the Biomaterials Laboratory at Technion, Professor Boaz Mizrahi.

In teaming up with a doctoral student, Alona Shagan, to produce this glue, they said that it’s a “very strong, nontoxic tissue adhesive that remains flexible even after solidification.”  Often, a patient is very skeptical about what chemicals are being used to treat their condition.  This product, being non-toxic and effective (not to mention, biodegradable), is something that is sure to catch the attention of many around the world, especially in light of all of its other benefits, i.e.-reduced pain in the process of application and less scaring.

Professor Mizrahi has high hopes of the product entering the market within two to three years, since they’ve received a patent after trial runs on animals.  The strength of this adhesive is approximately 4x stronger than other glue-gun adhesives on the market today.

Something that makes this product so appealing is the simplicity of the process.  As an added bonus, not only is the process for treating a wound simplified, but the patient is less prone to pick up an infection along the way since it is a “two-in-one”, being both an adhesive and a sealant!  This could be a massive breakthrough for not only the medical field, but also militaries around the planet, sports teams, etc.

When this product makes it to the market, there’s no limit as to the impact it could have on the world.  Stitches, sutures and staples could all be retired with unprecedented speed.