Following an Israeli airstrike in Syria overnight, multiple injuries and a dozen casualties are reported in Damascus; an explosion took place in Lebanon via Syrian air defense missile; The Israeli Air Force (IAF) targeted Iranian interests.

Iranian-backed interests were once again targeted outside of Damascus overnight on Wednesday, which resulted in at least a dozen casualties according to one report, and four Syrian soldiers being injured according to Syrian state media. The sites targeted reportedly belong to the Syrian military as well as Iranian-sponsored militias, and are located in close proximity to the Damascus International Airport.

As noted by The Jerusalem Post, at least one media outlet reported that a couple of Syrian fighters were killed in addition to at least 10 other Iranian-backed fighters. Structural damage is also being reported in the aftermath of the attack that occurred from the region of the Golan Heights. Additionally, Lebanese sources reported that Israeli aircraft flew through Lebanon’s airspace.

As the strike(s) was being carried out in Damascus, Syrian air defense missiles were fired, with one eventually landing in Lebanon near the town of Houla creating a major explosion. One video on social media showed an explosion in Damascus, but it remains unknown as to whether it was an Israeli projectile or a failed Syrian defense missile.

Israel has been committed to the battle against Iranian entrenchment in Syria for a long time, and the battle has certainly increased in the last few years. Recent shipments from Tehran to Damascus are believed to be the motive for Tuesday night’s strike.