Assad’s regime claims Israel’s strikes in Syria are to prolong its crisis, submits an official complaint to UNSC, claims violations of 4 resolutions; Syrian FM claims US protecting Israel and giving it immunity.

Syria sent an official complaint against Israel to the United Nations Security Council after the most recent airstrikes in Homs and outside of Damascus. They claim Israel violated UN Resolution 350, the Agreement on Disengagement between Israeli and Syrian Forces, adopted in 1974, among others. Assad’s regime accused Israel of “increasingly practicing state terrorism,” in what it claims are “ongoing Israeli attempts to prolong the crisis in Syria.”

The letter submitted by Syria’s Foreign Ministry claims the Israel Air Force “attacked once again Syrian territories in a flagrant violation of Security Council Resolution No. 350… through launching successive waves of missiles from over the Lebanese airspace, targeting regions in Damascus, [the] Damascus countryside and Homs that claimed the lives of four martyrs, among them a baby, and injuring 21 citizens, the majority of them women and children while causing material damage to citizen houses.”

It accused the United States of supporting Israel, claiming it provides Israel with immunity, stating, “Syria underlines that Israel’s continuation in its dangerous, hostile method would have never be done except by the unlimited support offered by the US administration in particular and the immunity from punishment presented by it and known countries at the Security Council.” Listing four UN resolutions it claims Israel has or is currently violating, and it added, “Israel should be forced to respect UN resolutions regarding the disengagement of forces agreement and to bring it to justice for its crimes against the Syrian and Palestinian people in violation of UN relevant resolutions…”

The strikes in Syria targeted over ten sites, including weapons caches, a Hezbollah base, an Iranian Revolutionary Guards base and research center.

Photo: a katz/