One casualty and multiple injuries are reported following what is believed to have been an Israeli airstrike in Syria.

The area of the western-Syria town of Al-Zabadani experienced what is suspected of having been an Israeli airstrike on Tuesday evening. The small Syrian town is located northwest of Damascus and extremely close to Syria’s border with Lebanon. At least one report suggests that Syrian air defense systems responded to the strike, but despite its response, one casualty and multiple injuries are confirmed.

A munitions warehouse belonging to the Iranian-backed terror proxy, Hezbollah, was hit according to a couple of sources. However, it is also reported that there was at least one other intended target in addition to what is confirmed to have been struck. The Al-Zabadani region was once a key location in the weapon-moving path from Syria into Lebanon.

If Israel was responsible for the strike, this would be their second airstrike in Syria in the last week, with the first taking place in Maysaf.