Syrian State media claimed that the country’s air defense systems shot down most of the projectiles; At least one report indicates that structural damage did occur; Israeli officials have not commented on the attack.

Overnight on Friday, Syrian air defense systems were reportedly triggered after missiles were fired at targets in the area of Damascus, allegedly by the Israeli Air Force (IAF). Per usual, Syrian State media claimed that most of the projectiles were shot down and that no casualties occurred. However, it is reported that structural damage did occur.

Whenever an alleged Israeli strike takes place, in an attempt to downplay the severity of the attack, Syrian State media claims that the country’s air defense systems were able to thwart most of the missiles, which, as is often the case, entered Syria via Lebanese airspace.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), a Syrian surface-to-air missile detonated over the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in a loud boom being heard by many in the Jewish State.

Iranian missiles are believed to have arrived in Damascus from Tehran just days ago, which may have been at least partial motive for the attack. Furthermore, it’s reported that a militia base near Damascus was also targeted in the series of strikes, in addition to the Center for Scientific Research in Jamraya, outside of Damascus. This center has not been targeted in three years, and is suspected of engaging in the production of a variety of weapons.