The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is suspected of having carried out strikes on military outposts in Syria on Tuesday; The airstrikes reportedly took place near the Golan Heights.

An Israeli airstrike reportedly targeted a military observation post near the Israel-Syria border on Tuesday evening. A Syrian state media outlet stated that the attack took place “west of the town of Hadr in the northern Quneitra countryside.”

As one of the missiles made its way towards the target, someone on the Israeli side of the border was able to catch it on film, including its explosion upon impact. It is suggested that the outpost belonged to the Iranian-sponsored terror proxy, Hezbollah.

There have been many Israeli attacks on Syrian military and pro-Iranian fighters near the border. And on Tuesday, it was reported that two separate sites were hit – one belonging to Hezbollah and the other, the Syrian military.

One Israeli media outlet reported that no casualties occurred and that a fire broke out following one of the airstrikes. However, structural damage did occur.