The Islamic Republic of Iran claimed on Tuesday that a cyberattack was the cause of a series of widespread gasoline sale issues; State media has reported that they expect to have the situation resolved soon; The attack surfaced at a time when tensions are continuously rising with the Jewish State.

On Tuesday, reports of widespread gasoline delays surfaced throughout Iran, leading to rather immediate speculation of a cyberattack on the country’s resources. The attack(s) resulted in long delays for consumers at multiple gas stations.

Iranian State media reported, “The disruption at the refueling system of gas stations… in the past few hours, was caused by a cyberattack. Technical experts are fixing the problem and soon the refueling process…will return to normal.”

As it stands, the exact source of the attack remains unknown, but Israel and the United States are clearly the frontrunner suspects from the standpoint of the Iranian regime. It is believed by some that today’s incident may be a US response to the suicide UAV attack on a military base in Syria last week.

Interestingly enough, messages were inserted into the hacks that reportedly read, “Where is the Gas?”, which were directed toward Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

In the summer of 2020, the Islamic Republic experienced a wave of multiple factory fires and incidents that were often deemed as sabotage, or in some cases, related to cyberattacks.

Tuesday’s alleged cyberattack comes during a season in which tension between Tehran and the Jewish State has continued to increase amid Iran’s hell-bent pursuit of a nuclear weapon.