Several civilians from the African country are set to visit the Jewish State in November; Bartham: There is no hostility and hatred between Israel and Sudan.

A Sudanese civilian delegation has been organized and is preparing to travel to Israel in the month of November assuming no international COVID-19 restrictions remain in place. The group will consist of a variety of people, including Sudanese athletes and businessmen.

There have been several rumors in recent weeks concerning the normalization of ties between Israel and Sudan amid Israel’s newfound relationship with several countries in the Middle East. However, nothing came to fruition in August when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited several countries in the region, including Sudan. The northeastern African nation also has the opportunity to receive financial incentives from the US should they normalize ties with Israel.

The trip is being organized by a former member of the Sudanese Parliament, Abu Al-Qasim Bartham, who believes there to be no hostility between the two countries. He has high hopes that this visit will help “break the psychological barriers” between the two nations.

Several high-ranking Sudanese officials support the idea of positive diplomatic relationship with Israel.