Iraq Civil Defense delivers reports of some dead and injured after airstrikes on munitions warehouse by an unidentified aircraft; Those among the dead and injured belong to the Iraqi Hezbollah militia; Netanyahu: Iran has no immunity anywhere.

As of late, Iraq has been no stranger to periodic airstrikes from unidentified aircraft(s). Last week, one airstrike left one dead and 29 injured when the strike hit a warehouse that was storing munitions and other projectiles outside of Baghdad. When a fire began, the projectiles being stored were ignited and launched into the surrounding region.

On Tuesday, another airstrike took place, targeting an additional munitions warehouse belonging to the Iranian-back Iraqi militia. The warehouse belonged to the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and was located on the Balad airbase in Iraq. Iraqi Hezbollah militias were killed in the attack. Again, a fire broke out in the aftermath of the strike.

On Monday, PM Netanyahu was as questioned about the recent airstrikes in Iraq, and he stated, “Iran has no immunity anywhere.”, and when it comes to the distance from Israel to Iraq, he stated, “I haven’t limited myself.” This is now the third airstrike on Iranian-backed militia in Iraq since the beginning of July. The first attack came on July 19, after reports came in that Iranian-made ballistic missiles were relocated to a warehouse in Iraq. Both IRGC and Hezbollah militias were killed in the strike.