A Somali immigrant carried out an attack on bystanders in Germany on Friday leaving three dead and five seriously injured; Herrmann: With the most seriously injured we are not sure they will survive.

On Friday, Wuerzburg, Germany, was struck with a deathly act of terror when a 24-year-old male Somali immigrant stabbed several people, which resulted in three deaths and a number of injuries, some critical. The individual was eventually shot in the leg by police and arrested. However, it surfaced after the attack that he had recently been involved in psychiatric treatment for compulsory behavior.

According to at least one report, the Muslim man has resided in Wuerzburg since 2015.

As reported by Reuters, German Regional Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said, “Three are dead and five very seriously injured. With the most seriously injured we are not sure they will survive.” Concerning the suspect’s compulsory behavior, Herrmann added, “His condition had been noticed in recent months, including violent tendencies, and a few days ago he was put into compulsory psychiatric treatment.”

Witnesses said the man could be heard yelling, “Allahu akbar” as he carried out his act of terror. Police have not released the name of the immigrant.