Small Israeli drone lands inside of Lebanon after being shot down while doing routine security along the border; Reports indicate that Hezbollah may have been involved.

On Wednesday, a small Israeli reconnaissance drone was shot down near the border, crashing inside of Lebanon. Originally, claims were being made that it was shot down by a civilian with a hunting rifle, but other reports indicate that Hezbollah was involved. Additionally, the video floating around via the internet catches the noise of the rifle, which does not resemble that of a hunting rifle.

The IDF claims that the drone was being used for routine border security purposes before being shot down.

Hezbollah vowed to begin shooting down Israeli drones back in August after Israel allegedly downed two Iranian drones armed with explosives in the heart of Hezbollah’s headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. The damage done was significant, as the explosions destroyed newly received mixers and other components from Iran in order to enhance Hezbollah’s missiles.