Following the explosion near Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant on Saturday, skepticism concerning the initial report is continuing to grow; Iranian officials cited military training drills while other sources suggest otherwise.

Over the weekend, the Islamic Republic of Iran experienced a significant explosion at one of its nuclear sites, which is in the centrally-located city of Natanz in the Isfahan Province. Shortly after the blast took place, Iranian officials were quick to suggest that the explosion was an air defense missile as a result of the regime conducting tests to evaluate military readiness.

However, confidence in the initial reports out of Iran was short-lived, as reports from locals and other sources would soon cast doubt on their story.

Shortly after the event occurred, not only were two small villages in the vicinity of the explosion evacuated, but locals also reported a potent odor in the air. Around the same time frame, the regime also shut down all internet services to prevent the export of information, hinting that there was more to the story.

Additional reports over the next 24 hours even included a downed drone, which would reveal that the regime is unable to protect its airspace – a potential source of embarrassment that led to the misleading report and internet shutdown. Adding to the lack of transparency, many wonder why, if the regime was conducting a test, they would do it in close proximity to a nuclear facility.