A reported six rockets targeted Iraq’s Balad Airbase on Monday; One minor injury is reported; Balad, where US contractors are hosted, has been a recurring location for rocket attacks from Iranian-sponsored militia groups in the region.

Balad Airbase, which is located north of the city of Baghdad, was struck with another rocket attack on Monday. Six rockets were fired at the base, with three penetrating the premises. Three fell short and landed in a nearby area. Balad is frequently targeted by Iranian-back militia proxies in the region due to its US presence.

Sallyport, a US company that services the military’s F-16 fighter jets, had its portion of the base struck, resulting in the injury of one foreign employee.

On Tuesday, another rocket attack occurred at a separate airbase. A reported two rockets fell in an empty area at the Ain al-Asad Airbase, which has also been targeted several times. Asad also hosts US troops. No damage was dealt, and no injuries are reported.

No one has claimed responsibility for either of the attacks.