Afghanistan, Britain, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine are all listed as countries that are calling on Tehran to ‘compensate’ the families of those who were killed on Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752.

After several national officials met in London this week, they’re calling on Iran to ‘compensate’ the families of those who were killed last week when Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shot down a civilian airliner, killing all 176 passengers. The officials concluded that Iran should hold a “thorough, independent and transparent international investigation open to grieving nations.”

Iran claims that the downing of the plane was ‘unintentional’ and that the cause was due to the IRGC being on high-alert because of US threats. While they may have been on high-alert, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that the escalation began that evening when they launched approximately 15 missiles at US forces inside of Iraq-an attack that was met with no US military response.