Among the seven reported casualties, five are reported to be Iranian-backed forces; Two are said to have been Syrian soldiers; Military locations in Kababej and the Al-Sukhna region were targeted in the attacks.

Late Tuesday evening, Israel carried out multiple strikes throughout Syria. These attacks, per usual, targeted Iranian interests in Syria as the world’s number one sponsor of terror continues to entrench themselves north of the Jewish State. Seven casualties are reported, five of which are said to be Iranian-backed militias.

One of the strikes took place west of the Deir ez-Zor region while the other took place in a central region known as Al-Sukhna. In both cases, Iranian military interests were targeted. However, in the latter of the two attacks, new weaponry that had just been delivered the same day was destroyed.

A Syrian military source is reported to have stated, “Several hostile missiles were fired at our military positions in Kababej, west of Deir Ezzor and in the Al-Sukhna region. At the same time, one of our military positions was targeted near the town of Salkhad in the southern city of Sweida, resulting in the death of two martyrs and the wounding of four other soldiers.”

Additionally, there are reports of more strikes early on Wednesday morning. On top of the casualties suffered in these strikes, significant damage was also dealt to infrastructure in the area(s).

Iran is now vowing a strong response.