After making his first stop in Israel, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo boards a plane for the first official flight in history from Israel to Sudan; Pompeo tweeted, “Happy to announce that we are on the FIRST official NONSTOP flight from Israel to Sudan!”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made his first of many stops in Israel on Monday to visit with leaders to discuss various subjects, including Israel’s most recent partnership with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Upon departing Israel, Pompeo boarded the first-ever official flight directly from Tel Aviv to Sudan – a country that the US is seriously hoping will consider normalization of diplomatic ties with Israel.

As Pompeo continues his trip throughout the Middle East, he’ll be making stops in Bahrain and the UAE. Reports suggest that there are other countries in the region that are open to a diplomatic relationship with Israel. However, Pompeo was unable to comment as to which specific countries make this list.

The Secretary told The Jerusalem Post, “I couldn’t tell you the timing and I couldn’t tell you which countries, but I think as other nations around the world come to see that there is enormous benefit to the relationship – from a diplomatic perspective, an economic perspective, and from a security perspective – I think that other nations will see that it is the right thing to do. I think they will also come to see that building out this set of relationships is the pathway that will lead to stability in the Middle East as well.”

Despite several positive signs in regards to a relationship between Israel and Sudan, there is yet to be confirmation from Sudanese officials of their intention to normalize relations with the Jewish State.