US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo adds the Gulf state of Oman to his list of stops during his current Middle East Tour; This stop follows Israel, Sudan, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, amid countries in the region warming their ties with the Jewish State.

In addition to the several other stops on the itinerary for his Middle East tour, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now adding the Gulf country of Oman to his list. Oman follows visits to Israel, Sudan, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The primary topic of interest is unquestionably the strengthening of diplomatic ties between Israel and these countries.

While Pompeo stated that he could not announce the names of other countries who’ve shown interest in normalizing diplomatic relations with Israel, he mentioned that others besides the UAE are interested. Oman, along with Bahrain and Egypt, gave its approval of the recent agreement between Israel and the UAE.

The US State Department announced, “He will conclude his trip in Oman, where he will meet with Sultan Haitham bin Tarik Al Said to promote unity among the Gulf Cooperation Council and build on the historic momentum to advance regional peace and prosperity.”

Thus far, there are no reports that Pompeo has managed to guarantee any new countries will follow suit with the UAE. However, that doesn’t negate the interest that’s there.