Amid the global onslaught of COVID-19, scientists out of Israel’s Technion Institute have developed a self-disinfecting facemask; The researchers have submitted a patent application to the United States with hopes of having the mask mass-produced in the near future.

Researchers from Israel’s prestigious Technion Institute of Technology have developed what is said to be a self-disinfecting mask – something so fitting for the times. Based out of Haifa, the team responsible for this development is headed by Professor Yair Ein-Eli.

Ein-Eli’s team has already submitted their patent application to the United States as of March 31st, and are hoping to mass-produce their product soon. Several countries are dealing with a demand for masks that far outnumbers what they have available. This new mask out of Technion would provide a key solution to this problem.

It’s reported that the mask consists of a layer of carbon fibers that, when heated, destroy any viruses that may presently reside on the surface. The mask is treated with low heat currents via a USB port that is compatible with most cell phone charger wall components.

Currently, Israelis are required to wear a mask in public. Any violation of this government mandate can result in a fine. In recent weeks, Israel has seen a significant increase regarding confirmed cases of COVID-19. And as studies are beginning to reveal that face masks are an effective solution to combating the spread of the virus, this invention by Ein-Eli and his team couldn’t be surfacing at a better time.

With the development of this mask, Israel, once again, proves why they’re known as the “start-up” nation.