While every country around the world has its differences, cellular distractions while driving is something every driver can relate to. What if there were a system in place to automatically handle this problem upon entering the vehicle? Israel’s SaverOne has developed a system to answer this question without requiring any effort from the one entering the driver’s seat.

Whether you are a committed iPhone user or side with team Android, both offer features to limit your cellular activity while driving. However, both also share the reality that that driver is responsible to alter the settings on their phone every time they get behind the steering wheel. Though some people are better than others at forming habits, procedures only work if you follow them 100% of the time. And that’s where SaverOne comes in.

As noted by Israel21c News, according to several surveys in various countries, a very high and unnecessary amount of vehicular accidents are caused by distractions related to cellular devices.

SaverOne, led by CEO Ori Gilboa, has developed a system that requires an app on your phone accompanied by hardware that is installed in the vehicle. And unlike the “do not disturb” or “airplane mode” buttons, which require the user to remember them consistently, SaverOne’s device solves the equation itself. Gilboa told Israel21C, “I don’t know about any other solution that operates automatically, without the consent of the driver, and that can differentiate between the passenger and the driver.”

The system is comprised of three components:

1) Control Unit – concealed in the vehicle, the system scans all passengers’ cell phones upon entry, identifying and monitoring the ones located in the driver’s vicinity.

2) Smartphone App – once phones are detected near the driver, Safe Mode is automatically activated, preventing use of life-threatening apps.

3) Cloud Services – enables central management including updating approved apps, system and driver monitoring and data collection. Data is displayed via a dashboard.

Upon entering the vehicle that has the hardware (sensors) installed, any phone within about eight inches of the driver is by default extremely limited as to the apps it is able to access. The only apps that will work are those necessary while driving – maps, phone, etc. The other apps will be disabled. For this to work, one not need do anything. The system works automatically with the app on the phone and the sensors in the vehicle. And as their website states:

“SaverOne is the only protection system that doesn’t require driver cooperation, allowing other passengers to use their phones unimpeded.”

As for how the system works, their website explains:

1) Cell Phone Detection – Upon entering the car, SaverOne identifies the driver’s cell phone.

2) Cellphone Connection – The system connects to the SaverOne app and sets the phone to Safemode. Life-threatening apps, including text messages, are blocked while driving.

3) Protecting the Driver & Passengers – SaverOne creates a safe zone, allowing the driver to focus on driving free of distractions. When the vehicle stops, the phone automatically reverts to regular operation.

Amazingly, the sensors then seize any cellular signals coming into the vehicle and allow them in based off of which device they’re intended for (so if you’re not driving, don’t keep your phone to close to the driver).

The company was founded in 2014 and is currently working with companies inside of the Jewish State. Additionally, there are organizations testing the product such as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israeli Police. They were hoping to have expanded to the US this year, but this plan was put on hold due to the current state of COVID-19. However, they hope to have the product completely commercialized by the third quarter of next year.