The Saudi Kingdom revealed that it destroyed a hostile boat approaching one of its ports in the Red Sea on Tuesday; The deterred attack is believed to have been planned by the Houthi Rebels; The boat was reportedly rigged with explosives.

On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia announced that it destroyed an enemy boat rigged with explosives heading for the Kingdom’s port of Yanbu, located in the Red Sea. While the unmanned vessel was destroyed, it’s suggested that collateral damage may have been dealt to other ships in the area as well.

According to Saudi military spokesman Col. Turki al-Maliki, “The booby-trapped boat was dealt with and destroyed according to the rules of engagement.”

The Iranian-backed Houthi Rebels have carried out several attacks on the Saudi Kingdom in recent weeks, especially targeting its oil resources and even civilian airports. The Houthis have used explosive drones and/or boats in previous attacks.

In addition to events involving the Houthis, the Red Sea has seen multiple maritime incidents in recent weeks related to Iran and Israel. Both countries have exchanged attacks on cargo vessels.