Moscow is blaming the Israelis after a civilian airliner was nearly targeted by Syrian air defense systems on Thursday; The civilian airliner that was carrying 176 passengers made an emergency landing at a Russian airbase inside of Syria.

On Thursday, a civilian airliner had to make an emergency landing at a Russian-controlled airbase in Syria after Syrian air defense systems almost struck the airliner. Moscow is now blaming Israel for the incident because of Israeli strikes that put Syria on high alert.

Israel had carried out two waves of strikes in the early hours of Thursday on Iranian-backed targets in Damascus followed by an additional strike on targets in the areas of Deraa and Quneitra. While several casualties are expected, so far, reports indicate several injuries and material damage.

A Russian official condemned Israel, stating, “Air warfare with the use of civilian aircraft as cover against Syrian air-defense forces’ response is becoming the Israeli air force’s distinctive feature. He would further accuse Israel of “caring nothing about putting the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians at risk.”