Multiple rockets fired into Israel after the assassination of Islamic jihad leaders inside of Gaza & Syria; Israeli Airforce responsible for the killing of the terrorist leaders; Nakhalaeh: We are going to war.

Early Tuesday morning, a multitude of rockets were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip in the wake of the assassination of Islamic jihad leader Abu al-Ata and his wife around 5 AM. Additionally, reports are coming in from Damascus, Syria, that Palestinian Islamic jihad leader, Akram al-Ajouri, was also killed after an airstrike, assumed to be carried out by the Israeli Airforce as well. His wife and daughter were killed with him. The number of rockets fired into Israel at this point is said to exceed 160, with no deaths reported.

Southern Israel is said to be on high alert, opening many public safety shelters in addition to closing a host of schools. The office of the Prime Minister in Israel referred to al-Ata as a, “senior Islamic Jihad commander”, who was responsible for, “numerous terrorist attacks and rocket attacks against the State of Israel in recent months and who intended to immediately carry out further attacks.” The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) had received precise information regarding the location of the al-Ata, narrowing their strike down to the very room that he was sleeping in.

Prior to his death, reports indicate that al-Ata had been planning multiple attacks against the Jewish state, from many different angles.

As a result of the assassination, Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ziad al Nakhaleh, who resides in Lebanon, has stated, “We are going to war.” The terrorist group has vowed to continue their mission, stating they will, “complete the process of liberation of the entire beloved Palestine. Our response will inevitably shock the Zionist entity.”